By testing various properties an ASCOM client application can determine what features are available for use. Matches the scope’s equatorial coordinates to the given equatorial coordinates. Returns a collection of supported DriveRates values that describe the permissible values of the TrackingRate property for this telescope type. I’ve just been able to fix a rather obscure problem with my ASCOM drivers thanks to the wealth of information available, including the great Visual Studiotemplates. Name Description AlignmentMode The alignment mode of the mount. This version has passed the Conformance Checker tests and has support for programmably changing pier side. In , due in part to differences in development style, TiGra Networks’ involvement with the software development effort ceased and the source code was relocated to SourceForge.

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True if this telescope is capable of programmed asynchronous slewing to equatorial coordinates.

Sky-Watcher | Sky-Watcher Global Website

This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. Gelescope 2X Mount Adaptor Paramount, etc. The Choose method returns the DriverID of the selected driver.

In this case, the OK button starts out enabled lit-up ; the assumption is that the pre-selected driver has already been configured. True if this telescope is capable of programmed slewing synchronous or asynchronous to local horizontal coordinates.

True if this telescope is capable of programmed parking Park method. Equatorial mounts do not need to be accurately polar-aligned although an accurate polar alignment will likely lead to a more satisfying observing experience. The diagram below shows how ASCOM differs from traditional astronomy instrument control architectures.


True if this telescope is capable of programmed synching to equatorial coordinates. This driver tepescope combined telescope, focuser, and dome interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs. Each controlling program will allow the user to send commands to the telescope, and each will display the current telescope status.

It has been reported that this driver also works with the RCX except tleescope doesn’t allow access to its unique features. This is an ongoing project, so be sure to check the site for updates.

Telescope Class

Matches the scope’s equatorial coordinates to the given equatorial coordinates. Set only following a FindHome operation, and reset with any slew operation.

True if the telescope is stopped in the Home position. Move the telescope to the given equatorial coordinates, return immediately after starting the slew.

Initially, the Platform developer team used servers hosted by TiGra Networks Long’s IT consulting company for source code control, issue tracking and project management, with server licenses contributed by Atlassian and JetBrains. The local apparent sidereal time from the telescope’s internal clock hours, sidereal. Specifies a post-slew settling time sec. Predict side of pier for German equatorial mounts. True if the telescope has been put into the parked state by the seee Park method.

The author provides a self-contained installer. Use this driver with mounts that purport to use the LX protocol. Optionally, protocol framing characters may be added to the string before transmission. Latest firmware is recommended but will run with old firmware backwards compatible with reduced features.


ASCOM Telescope Drivers

Use the SkyWatcher driver listed below. Open Windows Explorer and browse to C: There are no particular licensing requirements other than that the ASCOM logo may only be used if the client application is ASCOM compatible, and an ASCOM driver must implement all the required properties and methods but need not implement any of the optional properties and methods.

Name Description Telescope Creates an instance of the telescope class. Views Read Edit View history. Returns the list of action names supported by this driver. See the help file and release notes! The documentation, templates, and timely and accurate answers to questions on this forum have made my latest driver development an enjoyable and relatively simple process – Doug Anderson, Shoestring Astronomy. Move the telescope to its park position, stop all motion or restrict to a small safe rangeand set AtPark to True.