Maybe this is something recent? Reboot PC test BF4. See details Show less. Just reconnect, happened to me the other day for no apparent reason and rejoined fine. The cause of that was my Logitech G11 keyboard program. PunkBuster kicked player ‘QuakeFX’ for 0 minutes.

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It seems to work fine with every other game, but no longer BF3.

battlefield 3 punkbuster kick disallowed program/driver – FXP

Message 10 of 10 Views. Solve world hunger while you are at it, because that is just as likely. January I did this, still having same problem. I filled out a punkbuster ticket and they are currently helping me work through the problem.

January – last edited January spoke too soon Message 7 of 10 3, Views. Keep your account safe We’ll make lunkbuster it’s you by sending you a code for your trusted devices.

To find this out, Click Start, right click on “Computer” and select “Properties”. It is probably a teamspeak overlay. Help us improve Answers HQ! I got kicked by punkbubuster after running and using this exe for about punkbusterr been kicked by punkbuster for 0 minutes, reason: It’s a driver issue. January no fire wall and ive played 6 games with no pb kicking me. Battlefield 2 and other Punkbuster Games That Don’t Work Online and was getting annoyed i Disallowed program driver world war Punkbuster kicked player.


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I had my turn my firewall back on in my router settings. Message 8 of 61 36, Views. I’ve tried going back to the previous Precision X versions and still won’t work.

I’ve played BF4 for a couple of months and now suddenly all it does is kick me for the same reason. PunkBuster kicked player ‘QuakeFX’ for 0 minutes Punkbuster clearly cannot keep up with the realworld. I can play for about 10 minutes until i get kicked. If I don’t press buttons repeatedly as aforementioned I can play many many games without incident!!!

Message 9 of 10 2, Views. It was turned off because I do better with it off. It usually means you got a program running that punkbuster don’t like as in auto hot key scripts.

Message 9 of 61 35, Views. This is strange, and may be bf33 little off topic.

RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [130827]

I’ll load a clean profile and see if that disallowes Anyone knows what might cause this? I have a G15 and use my macros for stuff I have to type often, like usernames and e-mailadress. Just reconnect, happened bf me the other day for no apparent reason and rejoined fine. January – last edited January Im getting kicked about every round since installing windows 8. If you feel my posts can help someone then link them the page the post is on.


I’m running the latest drivers etc. I might have accidentally touched those while playing.