To check that the printer is shared: This printer is user friendly and easy to use the printer. Print settings selected from the printer driver have precedence over the default menu settings selected from the operator panel. This must be or between and On this page, you can only verify the settings of items. The menu titles displayed in the left frame are linked to corresponding menus and pages. Lights up when it is activated, and blinks in certain conditions.

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Click Select a shared printer by name and type in the path of the printer in the text box, and then click Next. Ensure that the stack print media height does not exceed the maximum height indicated by the line with an arrow on each width guide.

Disable Disables the Port port. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Dell CW Printer Driver Download – Free Printer Driver Download

Wizard will analyze when you connect it. The Operator Panel 1 Press the Menu button. If no paper is found in the paper path, then remove any jammed paper out of the output tray. Alignment Chart Click to print a chart, and then check for proper alignment of the print image on the paper. Refer printing problems and maintenance c1660 to this key operator.


Dell C1660w Color Laser Print User Manual: Adding A Printer On Mac Os X 10.4.11

You can also order toner cartridges by the following method: Label – Inkjet printer paper cannot be used. Links to the Dell support page web address: Label Sets the paper density of labels.

Administrator Password Sets the password using up to 10 alphanumeric characters.

I saw that some others on this Hi I’m struggling to get my Dell colour laser printer to print with my new MacBook Pro. Asset Tag Number Displays the asset tag number of the printer.

I saw that some others on this More Less. Print Volume Use the Print Volume option to check the number of pages printed for each paper size.

To configure the basic information of the printer. If the utility does not receive a response from the printer, the Unknown toner image is displayed.

Dell C1660w Color Printer

To prevent DL and Monarch from being wrinkled, they are recommended to be loaded with the print-side facing up, flap opened, and facing you. Deep Sleep Available Range: The input tray can handle sheets of paper, while the output one holds up to pages. To display the system information of the printer. The Service Tag is located inside the toner access cover of your printer. To specify the language to be used on ddll operator panel.


Dell CW Printer Driver Download

Firmware Version Displays the version of the controller. Press the button until Change Password appears, and then press the Set button. To decrease the temperature, set negative values. Host Name Specifies the host name up to 63 alphanumeric characters and “-” dash.

The arrow mark in the illustration shows the orientation of the paper loading. Loading Paper 45 9 Adjust the width guides until they rest lightly against the edges of the stack of print media. Each section of “nnn” is a variable value between 0 and Size Output Tray Status Displays the oz of paper in the tray. Job Name Displays the file name of the job being printed.