Only select NV40 in jas HD TV out s-video not tested yet [17]. Works out of the box, but needs patching, for memory fix and higher resolutions. Then restart, and everything will work. Audio full supported without patching, Ethernet need patching, video full supported with Natit Driver GT. Set sleep mode in Bios to S1 only S3 wake fails. Bios sata settings- avoid ‘AHCI’.

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Works fully, but you need cmi No driver or installation required. During installation, only Intel package and Base Package installed.

Baixar Drivers: Drivers Placa mae DIGITRON DGGX

Installs fine with Jas You need to read the forums Doesn’t work. Yes, with forcedeth drivers. Gigabit ethernet fully working with realtek driver. If the screen goes black when booting just switch the monitor from one DVI port to the other. But the most important things are working just fine. Cigitron 2 Pro [21].


The driver is now stable. Everything ALC limited to stereo output only at this time. Works on laptop LCD, external not tested.

This is a motherboard which you can make into a fully functional Mac. All work Semthex kersdfn.

Manual Digitron Dg Gx

Works, both displays with natit dual 0. On my system, when turning on from a cold boot, the apple boot screen will freeze. After the Kext is modified the card will be recognized as an Airport Extreme.

Choose automatic processor setup in Bios. You also will have to fix the apple file sharing.

I have not been able to get the onboard networking or sound to work. USB Audio, autodetected, works fine. Used the Natit 1.

diigtron Very similar to DWL-G Liberia, The ads 2 holiday edition rose member eddition were. I have used Saphire use newer VGA-bios then most reference cards. All resolutions, QE, and CI work.

Digitron 760Gx Driver

Works out of the box, but needs patching, for memory fix and higher resolutions. Tested OpenGL with WoW, performace is soso, after return to desktop the cursor flickers and had to reboot. World Of Warcraft works.


On clean Jas Tested only 1 output, but System Profiler status ays that “No display connected”. Originally meant as a Wi-Fi gaming adapter for ethernet consoles. LAN works after recompiling skge driver kext.