Latest posts by Neil Pitman see all. How can I remove the extra line at the bottom of a created PDF file? Although this initiative effectively saved the company time and money, they soon found that the electronic format had several disadvantages. The application customized for Infosis allows the corporation to use Jade’s zoning capabilities to extract each piece of content including graphics as an individual graphic and place it into the appropriate directory for datamining purposes. This, plus the capability to implement solutions in both paper and electronic formats, helps them communicate effectively and efficiently with their customers. Just imagine the usual programming steps that you have to take in order to convert a document to PDF.

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While Infosis’ products maintain the look-and-feel of the original publication, they also add web-based interactivity, adding value and enhancing the user-experience. If the printing job has no title, then the file name will be the name of the Windows application which sent the job to the “Easy PDF Creator” eazypdf. Eliminate Microsoft Office dependency from your workflow!

Operations include manufacturing and engineering, design, sales, marketing, distribution, systems integration and customer service of electronics and recording media products for the consumer, IT, broadcast, commercial and institutional market segments. This technology has been incorporated by Adobe Systems, and is now an invaluable feature of Adobe Acrobat 4.


Using a unique “zoning” technology patented by BCL, it takes graphically complex SEC-related financial documents and automatically separates their structures into zones. We have not encountered any user queuing or blocking.

Key enhancements in WordPrintJobEx include quicker conversions and significantly improved hyperlink support. Thanks very much for the advice.

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Download Trial 64 bit. Can I output PDF file to a specific path and specify the availabke without prompting? The high volume of orders required employees for this work. It may also be that you need to look at the log of the conversion process should be in the same folder as the PDF location is to be and see what failed with Distiller.

The company has more thanemployees and operates in 25 countries.

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Rogers MIS needed a method to demarcate the beginning of each piece of content for presentation to its ingestion and content storage systems. Then open the file in Distiller and see if you get a PDF.

Just imagine the usual programming steps that you have to take in order to convert a document to PDF. The software can then either automatically sequence the zones into a natural reading order or allow users to fine tune or re-sequence or both them using a zone editor before outputting them to searchable, downloadable, SEC-compliant HTML 3. Get PDF informationsuch as metadata, page size, rotation, count, version.

Randy’s 2 suggestions totally worked for me – it totally fixed the problems I was having – thanks so much for posting it was hopefessly broken before! How to Create PDF. Please type your message and try again.


BCL easyPDF SDK: a PDF Programming Toolkit for PDF enterprise server and PDF desktop applications.

Some only converted from MS Office and not very well. I received “Printer settings could not be saved. Donnelley Jade is designed to maximize efficiency in the data conversion process.

Hope it helps you. Theses PDF files also needed to: This fix worked and it’s all about the PDF printer settings. If I check the save destination, there is no PDF saved there.

I wish to reduce PDF file size. Each zone consists of a single element — a graphic, piece of text, list or table.

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I was having trouble in creating pdfs through acrobat and your solution worked like a charm. Adobe continues to set standards in Web, print and video publishing by driving the delivery of compelling content regardless of platform or device.

It now has 54 stores in the West Coast and is one of the largest generators of new activations for Cingular Wireless. The Company Adobe Systems helped launch the desktop publishing revolution inand remains at the heart of the next publishing revolution, Frlm Publishing.