Please input user name assigned by your Internet service provider here. Input DDNS service password or key. TCP performs proper error detection and error recovery, and thus is reliable. This is the name of wireless network. Articoli recenti in fire forged ebook download Compaq Laptop Microphone Driver telecharger Lords of the Fallen XboxOne call of duty modern warfare 4 download pc hp scanjet c scanner driver download call of duty 4 windows 8 1 Pokemon black and white game. Try to disable it and try again. In order to make these applications work, you can use this function to let these applications work.

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Here are setup instructions for each of them: Select the type of how you obtain IP address from your service provider here.

Select the band you want to use, all the wireless routers must use the same setting. Please input the password assigned by Telstra.

Are you using QoS function? Input the starting port number in the left field, and input the ending port number in the right field.

Please input the starting IP address in the left field, and input the end IP address in the right field to define a range of IP addresses, or just input the IP address in the left wire,ess to define a single IP address. TCP performs proper error detection and error recovery, and thus is reliable. Als u geen email heeft ontvangen, dan heeft u waarschijnlijk een verkeerd emailadres ingevuld of wirelees uw mailbox te vol.


ICIDU NI – 707547

Please input the idle time out of Internet connection you wish to use, and refer to last section for detailed descriptions. After you have connected the router to the access point of service provider wirelessly, please setup the WAN connection type in WAN page.

Without NAT, all computers must be assigned with wirelless valid Internet IP address to get connected to Internet, but Internet service providers only provide very few IP addresses to every user.

On WAN port is connected and running at Mbps. IP address 1 Please input IP address assigned by your service provider. Please input the end IP address of the IP range.

Icidu N Manuals

Select the channel you want to use, all the wireless clients must use the 300 setting. You can use this function to check the event log of your router. This wireless router supports two types of WPS: You must use the same IP address section which router uses.

Public IP address 2: Make sure to describe your problem clearly.

Further, ICIDU reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the contents thereof without obligation to notify any person of such revision or changes. In order to make these rpeeater work, you can use this function to let these applications work.

Please choose a lease time the duration that every computer can keep a specific IP address of every IP address assigned by this router from dropdown menu.


Please input the default gateway assigned by your 26 service provider. It is comprised of two parts: Reset the device provided by your Internet service provider too.

Connect this router with another wireless router, to expand the scope of network. Computer or repeatfr devices with wired or wireless network interface card. Are you too far from your router?

Icidu NI-707547 Manual

There are two types of WEP key length: You can type the SSID of the network you would like to connect here. WPS-related system information will be displayed here: Popula Applications This section lists the more popular applications that 7: Check this box and the router will ignore all inbound PING request, but when you activate this function, you will not be able to ping your own router from internet, too.

MAC address 1 to 4 4 – 7: Controleer uw email Als u niet 30n een kwartier uw email met handleiding ontvangen heeft, kan wjreless zijn dat u een verkeerd emailadres heeft ingevuld of dat uw emailprovider een maximum grootte per email heeft ingesteld die kleiner is dan de grootte van de handleiding.