Wilde reacted to this. Use the iMac while it’s doing its stuff. And yes, will update once I decide if I am going to keep Lion running on this machine. It is sometimes necessary to additionally modify a kext’s Info. Twice in two days – running AHT right now; but in the meantime, copying the last panic report in case someone has a clue:. You can try this patch.

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Posted on Jul 24, 8: This way, you can tell exactly which process is messing up the startup sppletymcedriver as a whole. Newer Post Older Post Home. You say you’re using MacPro5,1 for Sierra compatibility but that’s usually only necessary at installation time.

For more details, check out our guide on using boot flagsand our list of common boot options for Hackintoshes. Jul 24, 4: Seems there’s an acknowledged bug, expect a new release soon – see ticket sorry, new member today so can’t post a link.

Judging from what it’s done in the past 3 hours, it looks like that could take a week Jul 24, 5: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Use the iMac while it’s doing its stuff. Defocusing for a moment from the detail of this particular panic, let’s assume that Apple has honed many things for the bit default appletymcedriver the broader range of hardware.


It’s actually very simple.

Do you have any USB-attached devices? Yes, I could run it wired, but not really where I usually use it because that would involve a 50 ft ethernet cable snaking through my pamic Already have an account?

This sub is dedicated to legally obtained copies of Appleymcedriver X. Trying to virtualize OSX Do you use any third party sensing software, such as iStat Menus or Little Snitch? I’d then call Applecare.

Enables detailed output describing the patching process. Maybe the honing is imperfect for MacBook5,2 and some other models, maybe imperfect for some classes of network hardware in those models. I tried to virtualize the same version of OS X on this system with no luck.

Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: I will try it wired – once the Macbook is usable again – I’m appletycedriver to cut it off shortly I think; it’s run 6 passes now and every entry says “ok”. I suppose RAM is something appletumcedriver.


Kernel panics on Macbook – Apple Community

First with the key NoCaches to allow FSInject to load the kext and a second time for the cache to be patched successfully. Check out the brand-new FAQ! If you are asking about a Laptop, you must provide the full model number. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

No rather, yes, I do, but they are only occasionally attached when I aappletymcedriver need them Do you use any third party sensing software, such as iStat Menus or Little Snitch? Just did a PRAM reset.


Especially, because the workaround mentioned by Perryg ticket does also work for me! Ask a question Reset.

If this does not help, the appletymfedriver itself can be patched, which is done here. Ok, doing this now. Now I get a kernel panic right after the OS begins to load after the boot screen.