Apple uses a broad name for their wireless card however supports different vendors. Ronnie October 3, at 1: August 6, at 7: I have read tones of reviews.. First lets start by defining what injection means. Delete AdminJune 14, at Please advice which Antenna should I get?

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I want to inject and de-authenticate, what card should I buy?

KisMAC free download for Mac | MacUpdate

I did some searching for this answer but was unsuccessful Can you recommend a VM tutorial that will teach me how to do this? If the password of the WPA network is in your wordlist file then you are quickly granted access to your network. Hello Admin, can you recommend me a wifi card compatible with OS X Jed May 17, at Guys, I have a question: Admin December 26, at 2: As I said, that was the easy part, here comes the real troubleshooting Just want to make this tidy as I have a question:.


Looking for definitive answer if possible. You are a genius. Admin June 14, at 1: Admin August 16, at 9: I want a card that not only allows me to use KISmac and Aircrack, but also gives me better wifi range?

KisMac 0.3.3

WPA networks require a different type of attack. Rocari DJ November 20, at 7: What this means for the uninitiated is that you can do a multitude of wi-fi sniffing right within OSX without having to resort to virtual machines or dual boot systems. Admin is it true that the H will not work in the normal 64bit OS anymore? Thanks, I have done as you said. Admin October 2, at 4: I have it set as my primary device, and channels are configured according to the network I’m trying to crack.

Me, myself and I, was able to pull a 15km range with an Alfa. The Bad, the Okand The Excellent.

Any advice will be appreciated. PS i’m running osX Next question s will be answered on a fee based service, you’ll then have the privilege to use it wisely or not.


John March 29, at 7: David June 14, at Full Bundle Alfa mW. Hi, I have been trying to trouble-shoot for 2 weeks unsuccessfully. Yeah, because going from mW, to mW, then to mW looks like, respectively, 27, 30, 33dBm Saying that you went from to looks better than saying 27 to Thanks kiismac the help.

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On the top of that, the further away from the source, the lower the signal and the higher the noise.

I have cracked my WPA password with as little as 6 packets de-authenticating immediately as I start scanning.