That’s it, and it starts working. Posted August 6, I guess the bug doesn’t just affect their legacy Toneports but also their almost identical Pod Studio hardware. Already have an account? If it is a bug, the more people that submit a ticket the more info Line6 will have to work with. No error messages present in the windows event logger.

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Thank you for your help but unfortunately it still doesn’t work.


Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets. Posted July 26, So far I have decided to keep Win 7 Pro, this bug and Line6’s uninpressing way to deal with it being a major factor for me not to upgrade.

They just don’t want to play nice. Posted January 6, Posted January 29, If this solves it gd everyone I’d say it’s within a decent enough time frame, especially given Line6’s previous track record.

Unplug and replug in the UX2? My Pod Farm was crashing on start-up after I switched to Windows 10, turns out you just need to switch it to Windows 8 compatibility mode for it to work! I don’t know what to do at this given point.



Reboot and the hub will be windowz and drivers will be reinstalled. However I noticed that the MP3 player no longer seems to work. I hope there is a fix soon.

It’s working fine with every program ableton, games etc. Just wondering about one thing, can you also not change your audio format on the recording device anymore after doing this?

Im using Gearbox and UX 1. I am interfacing through GuitarPort.

Line 6 GX – Software Patch

Apply and click ok. Posted August 25, The needles and everything do move when I use POD Farm, but it seems like there is no signal going to the computer afterwards.

The tab to change that doesn’t exist anymore. The problem I am having is that I can’t use the “play along feature” or the metronome. Currently trying to get my UX2 to work after recently getting my arm twisted by Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10, or else it’ll not be ‘free’ anymore. Are you able to use Cortana like this? Create tonneport account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


Ever Since I upgraded my pc from windows 8.

Line 6 GX — software? – Zoom Gear & Home Recording Forum

Open Gearbox and Voila everything should work fine. I hope this post gets a reply with some useful info sometime soon! Windows 10 has been out for years now.

Before I did any of this though Sign in Already have an account? I just combine switching USB with deleting device from printer technique and it’s been working out for me so far Plug it back in? I noticed the same thing but I’ve never been able to change it anyway