So, I decided that might be interesting to write down my findings and some quick optimizations anybody can apply to get a faster guest Linux VM. For most of them you may want to start by finding the version name of your kernel, using the command uname -r in a terminal. Note that adding an active user to that group will require that user to log out and back in again. Depending on the Ubuntu version some might not be available. Let’s see if you don’t have access to the site, just issue lspci and do specific research based on the output:. I will keep the idea that the latest stable Linux kernel should just work and if this don’t work the better solution to avoid future errors is to try to fix the latest stable Linux kernel for my machine!

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Ubuntu dependencies seem to uninstall it, but bringing it back is easy: If there is no package for your distribution for the version you need, you’ll need to compile it manually. I have an old laptop. Next, you install the system initialization script for the kernel module and activate the initialization script using the right method for your kch9, as follows:.


Also, the linux-kbuild package if it exists.

I cannot even make a test sound. Linux works and developers think about legacy too. May 9th, 2. Disabling background just place a plain solid color and sounds. However now i have a new problem.

The NB and SB basically dictate the flow of data between the various devices of a PC so that the end user can receive some sort of output. Find More Posts by cortocircuito. These are the two keyboard shortcuts I use the most. Most are about old generations of CPUs and I noticed no increase in performance changing it so went back to the “safe and proven” setting.

If you’re dead set on switching kernels find out what piece of hardware may be causing the crash and search around for people with similar problems. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

The generic installer packages are built on EL5 systems and thus require reasonably old versions of glibc, such as version 2. Start a root terminal and run the following command:. Motherboard with ICH9 for Linux. Installing on Oracle Solaris Hosts.

To uninstall Oracle VM VirtualBox, open the disk image dmg file and double-click on the uninstall icon shown. The automatic generation lnux the udev rule can be prevented with the following setting:. For older Windows versions, the installer will automatically select the NDIS5 driver and this cannot be changed.


drivers – How to find a Linux kernel that works ok on my PC? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

A window opens, prompting you to double-click on the VirtualBox. For this to work, an already working Windows Python installation on the system is required. This is specified below using the dir attribute and the special attribute. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. In 15 years I have never seen a a kernel crash “from time to time” because it’s new – so I find your premiss speculative. June 22nd, 5. This usually means first installing software packages from the distribution which are needed for the build process.

Setting up a Ubuntu VirtualBox Virtual Machine

June 22nd, 6. Please please help me! To perform a non-interactive uninstallation, open a root terminal session and run the following command:. A file vboxconf kch9 contain the following debconf settings:. These packages are only required if you want to run the Oracle VM VirtualBox graphical user interfaces.