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What is circle ME?

circle ME is a natural family boutique and family resource found in Lincoln, NE. We offer multiple cloth diaper brands, infant slings and wraps, fun learning toys, natural body products, and many other items for gifts and family registries. We offer classes, books, and even access to chiropractic healthcare.

At circle ME, we are supportive of families and their right to make safe, educated choices. We also believe in the ability to labor at home, to have assisted home births, and having access to a birthing center. For these purposes, we carry customized birth kits and supplies which we ship all over the US to midwives, doulas, and their families. For more information about customizing your birth kit, purchasing birthing supplies, or renting a labor/birthing pool, please contact us directly.

A message from us

We hope you find your visit enjoyable and informative. Visit often and tell others…

Owners, Jennifer and Bo Bryson, pray that circle ME will be a place where families can be connected in a more meaningful way. During their first pregnancy, Jennifer and Bo realized that many couples (including themselves)  felt disconnected and uneducated about pregnancy, birth, parenting, and marriage after kids. With that knowledge and the intent to inspire the natural family, circle ME opened November 2008. Jennifer’s heart is that moms will be empowered to profoundly love their husbands and children, while at the same time not losing their identity. Bo’s heart is for the fathers, that they would realize from birth that they can be an engaged father, but at the same time not neglect their wives.

Our Vision: As Jennifer and Bo prayed about what to name their new business, a common theme kept presenting itself; it was the idea of how a circle envelopes all that is in it. For instance, diapers circle the baby’s bottom and a sling circles the baby’s body and God’s love circles each person. Then to take that theme and make it more pesonal, Jennifer and Bo came up with circle ME.  With this in mind, our foundational idea  is “…that children would be nursed and carried on the hip; that the entire family would be comforted…” (Isaiah 66:9-14)

We thank you, family/friends/staff/customers, for being part of our lives – for loving and encouraging us to go after the dreams in our heart. Without you we would not be where we are today!

~ Jennifer & Bo