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Rewards Program Boring Details

The boring (but necessary) rules that apply:

  • Cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount codes. Only one discount per order.
  • Eggs are not redeemable for cash or store credit.
  • Discount can only be used once, then you start over.
  • Nest Egg Customer Reward Program is intended for our online customers only.
  • If you use a discount that is bigger than your total, the remaining amount is void. (For example, If you have a $100 discount and you only spend $80, you lose the remaining $20.)
  • Eggs are based on actual total dollars spent. Insurance, sales tax and shipping fees do not count. Any discount code or coupons that affect the total spent will not count as points.
  • Any refunds will be deducted from point totals.
  • Exchanges will not count as new points, if the item exchanged is for a lesser price, the difference will be deducted from the point totals.
  • Points cannot be transferred, and are only issued in the account of the buyer.
  • Gift certificate purchases are excluded in point totals.
  • Your points never expire. However, CircleME reserves the right to change or cancel the Nest Egg Customer Reward Program at any time.