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Vendor Agreement - Rediaper Sale 2015

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As a vendor at the circle ME Re-Diaper Sale, I hereby agree to the following:

I understand that I must have this form completed and returned along with the $25.00 vendor fee within one week of receiving to reserve your spot.

The circle ME business, owners, staff, representatives, agents, heirs, successors and assigns, and the property owner where the circle ME Re-Diaper Sale is conducted are not responsible for any theft, damage or loss of items sold or displayed by me personally.

Additionally, I waive the right for any and all claims, including injury and/or physical damages that are in any way related to the sale. 

I will indemnify and hold circle ME and its owners completely harmless and I will be responsible for any personal injury or damages resulting from any item or items sold by me personally.

I agree that circle ME will take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of my items. However, I will not hold circle ME or its owners, staff, business representatives, agents, heirs, successors and assigns, and/or volunteers responsible for missing items due to, but not limited to, fire, damage, loss of items or other possibilities. I assume the risk of these events occurring by participating in the sale.

I understand that I am responsible for the setting up and tearing down of my assigned location at the Sale. Set-up can be done on the Friday before the sale between the hours of 10 A.M. -3:00 P.M. or Saturday, the day of the sale, between the hours of 8:00 – 8:50 A.M. I understand that my table must be set up no later than 8:50 A.M. on Saturday for the start of the Pre-Sale. Please plan to stay for the conclusion of the day at 1:00 P.M.

I understand that I am responsible for any money exchanges occurring between myself and a buyer at and during the Re-Diaper Sale. I will not hold circle ME responsible for any legal pursuits that may occur from any action taken at this event.

If the customer would like to buy any of my items (as a vendor) but does not have cash or check, circle ME is willing to allow my customer to use circle ME’s credit card machine. However, a $1.50 transaction fee will be charged. It is my choice to charge the customer at time of transaction the $1.50 credit card fee OR have this fee removed from my total check once the tally is computed. If there is no credit card fee applied to the comprehensive receipt, which circle ME will keep for records, then I will be charged this fee, per transaction. I am responsible for sending the customer with a comprehensive receipt to one of the 2 in store registers found inside circle ME. Any money collected in this manner will be returned to me (vendor) in check form within 5 business days of sale.

For ease of circle ME management and staff, if you are choosing to use our credit card machine, please decide now which method you will choose from the description above. Please follow this decision for ALL customers the day of sale as to prevent any confusion. If you have any questions at all regarding the use of circle ME’s credit card machine, please ask now and before the day of the sale as we are really busy at our registers during the day and we would like to extend as much courtesy to your customers as possible and prevent any unnecessary frustration for them.

Please select your choice:

            I want circle ME to charge my customer    

            I want to pay circle ME 1.50 per transaction

            I have my own method for taking cc payments

The vendor table fee for the current Re-Diaper Sale is $25. Payment is due upon request to reserve your table and reserve your product line as we will try not to duplicate specific vendors.

Additional Information

*The Circle ME staff will do their best to place your table in your preferred area (see next page). We will also do our best to separate like products. Circle ME desires to have a variety of vendors at our Re-Diaper sale, however, it is possible that some vendors might sell similar items. Circle ME will not be held accountable for duplicate products in the vendor area. 

*Additionally, Circle ME staff will do their best to accommodate your request for a table size; however, table size is on a first come, first serve basis. If the requested table size is unavailable, please utilize the next option. Please sign up early for best availability.

*Please plan to man your table during the Sale for best results. The circle ME staff will not be available to explain informational displays or promote your merchandise. Also, the circle ME staff is not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise.

*Please plan to arrange childcare for any children as the space is very limited. Infants worn in slings are the exception.