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Aquaus 360° Diaper Sprayer


Aquaus 360° Diaper Sprayer

$ 54.95

Introducing the New & Improved, Patent Pending Aquaus 360° Diaper Sprayer with thumb pressure controls on both sides the sprayer. Thumb pressure controls allow you to easily adjust the spray pressure as you rinse messy cloth diapers, preventing splattering and overspray. Spray pressure can also be set to any level while rinsing, making the sprayer very comfortable to hold and maneuver. Spray pattern is designed to easily rinse the messiest diapers with the greatest of ease.

    • Made in the USA with domestic and global components
    • The only Diaper sprayer in the USA & Canada NSF Tested and Certified to Uniform Plumbing Code
    • 2 NSF/CSA Certified Plumbing Code Required Backflow Preventers
    • Three (3) year limited warranty
    • World’s First and Only Diaper Sprayer with Thumb Pressure Controls on both sides of the Sprayer for Super EZ Pressure Control
    • High Quality Spray Wand made of high strength, impact resistant, corrosion free ABS polymers and Brass Valve Core with Ceramic Disk Seals
    • 54’’ long, Stainless Steel, High Pressure Hose with 270 psi burst rating
    • Brass EZ Reach Shut-Off Valve & T-Connector with hand tight 7/8” hand-grip nut
    • Perfectly designed spray pattern to easily rinse the messiest cloth diapers
    • Easy installation without tools or a plumber
    • All accessories included for easy installation on American style toilets with 7/8” flusher threads
    • International & US Patents Pending


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